Taishi Iwasaka

Taishi is an ordinary 15 year old boy who has dreams of becoming a researcher in Area 9. He is kind, gentle, and has a strong sense of justice. However, he lacks confidence, which results in him giving up on his dream.

He is extremely honest and has a great understanding of other people, but because he is so honest he might insult people accidently. He hates to see people suffer, but has seen many people die from the viruses that have spread around the world, including his best friend, and this makes him feel helpless because he can’t do anything about it. This is one of the main reasons why he wants to work for Area 9.


A mysterious crazy bomber who claims to be a terrorist that wants to destroy Area 9. He is skilled at making explosives, and can make many bombs and gadgets. Although he is 15, the same age as Taishi, he may appear younger at times because of his height and personality.

In many ways he is the polar opposite of Taishi- Hot tempered, mischievous and a liar. He has a nasty temper and will lash out at anyone who makes comments about his height (or anything else).

He has an eccentric personality that even Taishi can’t understand. When he’s not dangerous, he’s incredibly childish and enjoys picking on Taishi and annoying him. He also draws strange designs and faces on his explosives.


A mysterious girl that lives in Area 9. She shows no emotion and rarely talks. She possesses mysterious powers which allow her to pick up objects from a distance and move them in any way she wants. She is often seen with Fumio, and seems to have a connection with Bomb.

Fumio Mochizuki

A scientist that works for Area 9. He is cold, merciless, and is amused by other people’s suffering. He often uses Selena to carry out his brutal methods.

Area 9