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October 20th, 2012, 9:42 am

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Reply Lumnili, October 20th, 2012, 9:42 am

Ruuuoooaaaaaaorrrrghhhhh Ever since I started school again, I've felt really pissed off all the time. Grrrrr I don't know why I'm so angry... but... I really miss drawing. D: Instead of drawing, I have to sit through classes like this...

A few days ago in English:
Teacher: We need to improve our grammar. (gets everyone to take notes)
An 's' at the end of a noun indicates a plural.
An apostrophe before an 's' indicates that it's possessive.
Example: The cat's paw
Me: Why do I have to take notes for 5 year olds and why am I here. -_-

Today in Japanese:
Teacher: Here is a sentence. Can you explain the grammatical terms?
Student: Wa is the particle that indicates the subject and no indicates possession and (insert noun here) is the noun.
Teacher: Good!
Me: I'm learning so much Japanese...

Teacher: Now I'm going to go through these hobbies and you need to memorise them and write them in the correct order.
Ragubi (rugby)
Sacca (soccer)

(or something like that...)

Me: Kill me... Kill me now. -_-

Uhhhhhhh sorry for the rant and all these negative comments... But school is.... Ugh. I don't want to talk about it. -_- It doesn't give me time to do productive things, like drawing and actually uh... learning real Japanese! I can't wait for the mid term break! >^<

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Reply wolfpup166, October 20th, 2012, 10:09 am

Manga! I love those. XD I know school can get annoying. I tend to go on rant to my friends, but not for the same reason even though that does happen sometimes. I go off on how slow people can walk in the hallway. We get like 3-5 minuets to get to the next class, and some of my class I need all the time i can get just to walk at my speed to get to class. They are so slow that i get stuck behind them and i get to class late. ugh

Well I'm going to end it there, I love this page and your style!

Reply Lumnili, October 20th, 2012, 10:16 am

@wolfpup166: I know, it's really annoying! A few days ago I was trying to walk fast and these little kids (1st years, they're supposed to be 12 but they look and act like 8 year olds) were walking reallly slow, and I couldn't pass them out. -_- There are so many other things I could rant about but I have better things to do with my time. xD

Thank you! :3

Reply GONE, October 23rd, 2012, 10:46 am

@Lumnili: I thought my country was the only one with The Amazing Shrinking Kids. I end up running over some kids by mistake with my hurry. Classes here are also incredibly simple, so simple it's stupid. I'm in the 12th Grade / Senior Year and I only have 5 classes. The only ones that are hard are Maths and Portuguese (I live in Portugal). In Biology today we studied contraception/birth control, something we know since we were 12 year olds or something.

Reply Lumnili, October 23rd, 2012, 12:06 pm

@GONE: My classes aren't actually that simple all the time (and maths is really hard! >_<) but the pace of my Japanese class is pathetic. My class had weeks to learn the katakana alphabet, and some of them are still getting D's in their katakana tests!
5 classes? D: I have 7 in school (that's excluding non-exam subjects like P.E. and religious education) and I have to do Japanese on Saturdays. >.> It's really basic and I've barely learned anything new so far but I have to take classes or else I can't take the exam (which will give an easy A :D)

Reply GONE, October 23rd, 2012, 12:31 pm

Yeah, 5 classes:
PE, Biology, CA (Computer Aplications), Portuguese and Math.
PE and CA are basically doing what I want, have fun and in CA, write a paper or learn a covenient program each 2 weeks or so and Biology is sickeningly easy. Portuguese is interpreting books, something I make harder by reading the ridicolously hard books like Metamorphosis by Kafka. Maths is currently in it's easiest part, probability. In fact, I have an exam tomorrow. School used to be hard, last year I had 11 classes, but this year I made the right choices. Plus I only have the end year exam in Math and Portuguese! I'm thinking of starting to learn Japanese since I've been talking with an embassy and am going to start college in Japan. Compared to english, how hard is it?

Reply Lumnili, October 23rd, 2012, 12:52 pm

@GONE: My Japanese isn't very advanced but other people say it's easy. It doesn't have complicated grammar structures like other languages, and even though there are a lot of ways to say a word I don't think it'll be that confusing after getting enough exposure to the language. The main problem seems to be with reading and writing, but there are a few tricks to getting past that problem fairly easily!

If you're learning Japanese, you should learn the 3 albhabets first, so when you learn a word you can learn the sound and reading at the same time. It sounds a bit intimidating because kanji (the alphabet borrowed from Chinese) has 2200 general-use kanji, but you can actually learn them really fast with the book 'Remembering the Kanji' by James Heisig. You can easily learn the English meanings of all 2200 kanji in 3 months! (I've already learned over 500 in around 20 days)

So once you learn how to read and write the characters, I think Japanese should be a simple language. :)

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