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Taishi Iwasaka had always dreamed of working in Area 9, a research facility surrounded by a huge wall that is famous for protecting the people from lethal viruses that have wiped out nearly half of the population. Feeling useless, Taishi has recently given up on his dream, but in a strange turn of events he finds himself trapped in Area 9 as a hostage with a crazy bomber called 'Bomb', who claims to be a terrorist who will blow Area 9 up if they don't hand over everything they own. Is there anything Taishi can do before it's too late? Just who is Bomb, and why does he want to destroy Area 9? Taishi will have to overcome his feelings of helplessness if he's going to do anything about it, as well as make a few shocking discoveries along the way. <<Reads from right to left<<

January 3rd, 2012, 4:21 pm

Old pages updated

You've probably noticed that until recently I kept changing the tones in every new page I made... Well I've finally decided on the tone resolution and darkness for the most important tones so I went back and edited all the older pages. Now my comic can be read with consistency! ^____^

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